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Slick research

At Imperial College London, Professor Hugh Spikes studies the effects of friction.
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Hot applications run longer with graphite

Many bearings operate in very high temperature environments – but few lubricants can withstand the heat. SKF has developed bearing solutions that [...]
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Advanced reading

Wiley is publishing a new book by SKF Engineering & Research Centre’s Piet Lugt. Grease Lubrication in Rolling Bearings takes an exhaustive look [...]
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A new level for maintenance

In the cement industry, machine maintenance accounts for some 21 percent of manufacturing costs. CEMEX Croatia, in cooperation with SKF, is aiming to [...]
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125 years of automotive history – SKF’s contributions to engine lubrication

Automotive lubrication has developed alongside the automotive industry. SKF Lubrication Systems Germany AG looks back on more than 80 years of [...]
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Centralized lubrication system for wind turbines offers improved efficiency

A successful cooperation of companies within the SKF Group has led to the development of an improved pump unit for centralized lubrication systems [...]
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Compact hydraulic unit for high-tech fine paper machine

Specialists within SKF Lubrication Systems AG have developed a unique lubrication system to meet the needs of Voith’s latest and largest paper [...]