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Digging deep

When it comes to moving ore up and men and material up and down a mineshaft, three factors are crucial: reliability, safety and speed. At Czech [...]
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Digital Technology

Going digital on the factory floor

EthosEnergy, an equipment service provider for the power, oil and gas and industrial sectors, has found an excellent cloud-based solution for data [...]
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Offshore achievements

Two major breakthroughs have cemented SKF’s reputation as a trusted player in the offshore sector. SKF (UK) Limited Aberdeen, a centre of excellence [...]
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A distaste for waste

Michael Biddle has built an award-winning business around plastics recovery and recycling from discarded products.
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At the bottom of the sea

Magnetic bearings from the SKF subsidiary S2M have been selected to equip the compressors and high-speed motors of the Åsgard Subsea Gas Compression [...]
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Heavy lifting

Jack-up gearboxes keep drilling platforms well above stormy seas.
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Smelter shelter

A reinforced relationship between SKF and Konkola Copper Mines in Zambia has proved a major success for both sides.
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