The UN of Ferris wheels


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The amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden, does not have the world’s largest Ferris wheel, but since July 2012 it can revel in having broken a different world record: the most nationalities on a theme park ride. In conjunction with the 38th annual Gothia Cup youth football tournament, people from 72 different nations rode the Ferris wheel together. One of the participating record-breakers was Isabel Nuñez Hurtado, a Spaniard who rode the Ferris wheel with her Swedish husband and their son, Noa Francesc. “It was a great experience,” recalls Nuñez. “There were so many participants but it seemed as if everyone knew what to do. Noa was excited, both about the waiting in line and the actual ride.” The record was arranged by SKF, Gothia Cup and Liseberg, and witnessed by Guinness World Records representative Annabel Lawday.



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