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Factors in motorized spindle design

'Utility supply units' optimize motorized spindle performance.With motorised spindles – contrary to conventional spindles – a [...]
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Industrial gearbox design has come a long way

Gearbox design often involves conflicting requirements from the main components – housing, shafts, gears and bearings – and all influences on these [...]
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Grease with a longer life

The steel industry is a major consumer of lubricating oil and grease. For many years the greases used have been to an extremely low specification. In [...]
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Auto-Balancing cuts vibration by half

Using an old and well-know principle, SKF has developed a compact Auto-Balancing Unit for the new Atlas Copco Turbo Grinder. The unit continuously [...]
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Bearings for high speed operations

Machine tool spindles should run with minimal runout, at high speeds with low temperature rise and have a high stiffness. Rolling bearings for [...]
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Integrated sensor ball bearings

Integrating sensors into bearings reduces the overall number of parts. This, in turn, simplifies assembly and hence reduces weight, space [...]
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