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How modeling and simulation helped build the world’s largest observation wheel

When you are building the largest observation wheel in the world, Las Vegas’ High Roller, you had better make sure that you use the best-engineered [...]
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Engineering Competence

Dynamic simulation – Building knowledge in product development

BEAST is an advanced dynamic simulation tool for rolling bearings and other mechanical systems with contacts. As proprietary SKF software, it helps [...]
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Riding the right wind

Bajaj Auto is confident that through an innovative R&D department and Japanese management methods it will regain its position as the No. 1 [...]
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Engineering in miniature

There are many novel and existing applications that can reap the rewards of SKF’s customized mini-spindle design services. SKF Focused Products is a [...]
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Engineering Competence

Trends in machine-tool spindle design

The machine-tool industry is improving productivity through higher speeds, improved power density and multipurpose operations. This requires [...]
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Italian spindle acquisition

In April, SKF acquired Italy’s Gamfior, which manufactures high speed motorized spindles and precision ball screws. Adding Gamfior to earlier [...]
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Spindles see major change

SKF has acquired Russell T. Gilman Inc., one of the leading producers of spindles for machine tools in the United States. The acquisition will [...]