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In this recorded webinar you can listen to SKF experts talk about how recent innovations impact the field of Predictive Maintenance. The dynamics in technology and business models Industry 4.0 and its impact on industrial maintenance.

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Over the last few years significant progress has been made in the machine learning discipline. Learn about how artificial intelligence and machine learning has changed predictive maintenance. Get insights on how use AI to drive asset performance, reduce unscheduled and costly downtime.

Listen to Eitan Vesely, SKF Enlight AI Offering Manager and co-author of the Maintenance 4.0 Implementation Handbook, to find out about automated machine learning and how the SKF Enlight AI solution can be implemented and add value to industrial plants’ overall maintenance 4.0 programs.

AI Webinar recording
SKF Artifcial Intelligence - Webinar recording

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Today, terabytes of signal data are being generated from sensors embedded in industrial equipment. The capability to handle such large streams of data and draw actionable conclusions from is a task that requires artificial intelligence. Find more information on

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