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Kitchen confidence

From Michel Roux’s three-star Waterside Inn at Bray in England to the presidential palace in Gabon in Central Africa, Rosinox of France supplies top [...]
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Soya solution

With the pressures of expansion and competition in Brazilian agribusiness, companies must keep costs low. For the soya crushing operations of Bunge [...]
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Engineering Competence

Magnetic bearings: From product innovation to proven solutions

Magnetic bearing performance has been considerably enhanced by sophisticated software-control algorithms. This creates new opportunities for robust, [...]
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Flour power

Your daily bread – as well as your pasta, pastry and breakfast cereal – may all have passed through a grain milling or cereal processing plant from [...]
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The greatest thing since sliced bread

These days, bread is mass –  produced in factories, sliced by industrial machines, packaged in plastic bags and stacked up on supermarket [...]
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Absolutely stainless

When special protection against corrosion is required, in applications such as food processing for example, linear ball bearings with raceway plates [...]
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Oblate wafers are normally baked at temperatures from 180 to 240 degrees Celsius. Bakeries often use special flanged wheel bearings that are [...]
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