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How SKF is driving net zero and sustainable development

There is an undeniable urgency to act on climate change. Sustainability is becoming an integrated part of more and more companies’ strategies. There is a clear need for working together to reduce environmental impact of our operations and products. The upcoming #SKF Stronger session will show how we are pursuing our sustainability agenda through increasingly tough targets and customer focus.

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SKF continues its quest to be a sustainability leader within the industry. A new tough target to be net zero in our operations and supply chain by 2050 has recently been released, but we can go beyond that. Downstream the supply chain, we can offer solutions and services that reduce your environmental impact and energy use, as well as aiding your transition towards circular, carbon neutral business.


In this #SKF Stronger session you will learn about how we plan to deliver on our sustainability targets. You will also see some examples on how much CO2 emissions are released in different bearings arrangements during their operations and comparing the different solutions. SKF has a strong sustainability portfolio from services to products and calculation capabilities that can bring a competitive advantage to you.


Watch the video and take the opportunity to hear Rob Jenkinson, Operation and Group EHS Manager, talk about SKF sustainability targets and how we are continuously delivering on them. Also, Per-Olof Johansson, Senior Application Expert shares some practical examples on how SKF can support you to select solutions with reduced environmental impact.

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