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New condition monitoring offering

SKF Axios provides an anomaly-detection solution for a wide range of applications and customers.

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SKF Axios is a new solution that reinvents the fields of industrial machine reliability and predictive maintenance based on a collaboration between SKF and Amazon Web Services, Inc (AWS). SKF exhibited SKF Axios at the Hannover Messe 2022.

Manufacturers want to use simple and affordable wireless technology to monitor more equipment in their facilities. SKF Axios is a fully automated condition monitoring solution that fulfills this need. It comprises sensors, gateways and a machine-learning service that is easy to install, commission and scale, allowing sensors and apps to be operational within minutes. It detects anomalies and pushes notifications, allowing for quick action to avoid unexpected machine failures.

These solutions en‍⁠⁠able industrial cus‍tomers to make better decisions faster.
Vasi Philomin, AWS

SKF’s team of vibration analysts and engineers will continue to be an integral part of helping customers improve the reliability of their equipment. SKF Axios complements SKF’s current portfolio of sophisticated condition-monitoring products and now provides industrial companies with a simple solution to broaden their rotating-asset predictive-maintenance programmes.

“With SKF Axios, we are able to provide a larger portion of the industrial market with actionable insights leading to improved decision making and more efficient maintenance planning and scheduling,” says John Schmidt, SKF president industrial region Americas. “Through leveraging these insights and SKF’s knowledge of rotating equipment, customers can improve machine performance and overall reliability of their operations.”

Vasi Philomin, vice-president of AI services at AWS, says, “SKF Axios represents a tremendous opportunity for industrial customers of all sizes to benefit from scalable, data-driven, machine-learning technologies offered by AWS. These solutions enable industrial customers to make better decisions faster, increasing operational efficiency and reducing the costs associated with unplanned equipment downtime. We remain committed to offering our expertise in cloud solutions, IoT systems and machine learning to enable SKF to constantly innovate and enhance their industrial products and services.”

Inventory for SKF Axios is expected to be available in July 2022 in North America; other regions are expected to follow within the year.

SKF Axios

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