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This issue of Evolution is dedicated to the service business, one of the cornerstones of SKF. There are many ways to describe what constitutes good service, but one is when someone provides you with something – not a product – and does it with a smile. Service can’t be stored on a warehouse shelf – you get it fresh every time.
To take an example from my own experience, there is a little garage on the other side of the city where I live that takes very good care of my car. When I need to take it in for service,
I voluntarily drive through the city and ride back on the public transportation system – just because I know that garage provides the best service I can get. Its staff are always quick with a smile and I can tell they really enjoy their work.
And, on top of this, I get good value for my money!
Since its founding in 1907, SKF has been heavily involved in the service business. An article in this issue by Robert C. Baldwin, editor of Maintenance Technology Magazine, confirms that SKF is a leader in this field.
Today, service is a matter of keeping the industry running without any unplanned stops. In this issue of Evolution you can read how Swedish paper mill Braviken, together with SKF, installed an advanced active condition-monitoring system to continuously take the pulse of its papermaking machines.
There are also several other articles on service-related topics, taken from a number of countries. One example of excellent service is the rebuilding of some 3,000 motors and 1,500 pumps after a hurricane hit a refinery of U.S. petroleum giant Chevron.
Also, in the last Evolution of this millennium, you can read about the British Airways Millennium Wheel in London – the largest of its kind.
The next Evolution will focus on differentiation – how companies are preparing for the future through renewing, redefining and rethinking their businesses.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call your nearest SKF office or an authorized distributor – there are some 7,500 around the world.
Janerik Dimming

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