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Racing with an American accent

Three cars scream into the final turn. They’re neck and neck and it’s anybody’s guess which one will pull ahead to become a NASCAR race winner.Except [...]
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Hypercar – more than just hype

Amory B. Lovins believes his innovative car concept is one for the future. He envisions cars that can generate power when parked.Sipping a cup of [...]
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Powerful car alternator bearing design

The ability to deliver greater power in a more compact form is what the auto industry is looking for in terms of current alternator design.The highly [...]
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The magic of roundness

Tiny deviations in the roundness of bearing elements can have an impact on bearing quality.Periodic form deviations in the range of an angstrom [...]
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Grounded sonic boom

Man, machine and hybrid bearings roared past a historic milestone when the British ThrustSSC and driver Andy Green set the first supersonic land [...]
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Flexible solutions with angular contact ball bearings

The automotive industry is a major bearing user, a fact that is reflected in the extensive range of special bearings that have been designed to meet [...]
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Dynamic tests to evaluate hub bearing units

Dynamic testing of automotive hub bearing units contributes to an accurate prediction of the operating characteristics of individual designs.The SKF [...]
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