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Navigating the Next Generation

Navigating the Next Generation

Scania Project Manager Lars Bygdén couldn’t resist the offer to steer Scania’s biggest truck project ever. Yet at points during the seven years of [...]
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Agreements with Scania

  SKF has signed two agreements with Scania, totalling 40 million euros, for the supply of wheel bearings and [...]
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From the racetrack to the streets

While motorsport has long influenced road vehicle design in both aesthetics and performance, the extreme test environment of Formula 1 now plays a [...]
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Fighting the fakes

SKF is putting a lot of effort into fighting the worldwide problem of counterfeit bearings. The main goals are to protect public safety and to [...]
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KEEP ON TRUCKING – SKF Wheel End Monitor helps prevent unplanned stops

SKF has developed an innovative product that enables the early detection of damage to truck and trailer wheel bearings. The SKF Wheel End Monitor [...]
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Improved sealing technology to keep trucks rolling

Improvements in sealing design have led to the introduction of two new and upgraded sealing products,  Scotseal®Plus XL and Enduro grease seal, for [...]
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Ripe for retail revolution

Automotive markets across the world may look different, but competition is always tough. With purchasing and production already lean, retailing is in [...]
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