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Powerful car alternator bearing design

The ability to deliver greater power in a more compact form is what the auto industry is looking for in terms of current alternator design.The highly [...]

Power from the sky

Wind power is a clean and renewable energy source. German manufacturer Enercon offers a range of innovative windmill designs. “I came here to study [...]

The customer connection

For the Hilti Group, customer satisfaction translates to some 70,000 personal contacts each day with its customers in the construction industry [...]
Engineering Competence

Craning for a world market

Shipboard cranes have come a long way since the block and tackle. Today, Sweden’s MacGregor Cranes is the brand of choice for global [...]
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Hard life for shopping trolleys

A Canadian manufacturer aims to improve the durability of the prosaic buggy, and at the same time provide customers with a quiet trip through the [...]
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X-ray diffraction provides answers to bearing failures

The approach of combining two test regimens, “Testing under Service Conditions” and “Material Response Analysis,” can help designers shorten research [...]
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Bearing the biggest bascule

The south bank of the River Maas, in the heart of the Dutch city of Rotterdam, is the site of an ambitious urban regeneration scheme known as Kop van [...]
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