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The missing link

A clever design enables aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel to deliver a range of ultralight aircraft with a unique side-by-side seating. Enjoy a shotgun [...]
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Helicopters in top flight

What started as an Italian family-run business in the early days of airplanes has become, through a series of partnerships, innovations and [...]
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A bearing on aerospace

SKF acquired 75 percent of NSK Aerospace of Stonehouse, England, and will change the company's name to Aeroengine Bearings UK. The intention is [...]
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High pressure and slow movement ideal for plain bearings

AMPEP self-lubricating plain bearings are ideal for applications where bearing pressures are high, movement is slow and maintenance is difficult or [...]
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Clean cars, tidy profits

A car wash is a high-tech piece of machinery. It automatically cleans your car without a scratch, and the most elaborate ones report the job via GSM [...]
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Control is everything

In the aeronautic industry, development is constant and safety issues are always a top priority. In flight control, mechanical and hydraulic [...]
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Ian Dryburgh

Design to the heart of the matterIan Dryburgh sits in his London office, his back to the wide windows that let in a view of the historic Tower of [...]