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In the kiln zone

When Belgian mining company Argex wanted to replace the support roller units on its rotary kiln, it looked to long-time supplier SKF.
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Big wheels keep on turning

When you describe the Chuquicamata copper mine in northern Chile, you have to dig deep into your thesaurus for synonyms for the word “big”. [...]
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Sailing for savings

Some 70 years after the last wind-powered cargo ships sailed around Cape Horn, wind power is again making a comeback on the high seas. In January [...]
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A good updraft

In Russia, a new division of Energomash is focusing on the production of draft-blowing machines for power stations in the domestic and CIS market, [...]
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A clean sweep

Operating equipment in the gritty environment of limestone mining requires constant vigilance and the right equipment for the job. Belgium’s Sagrex [...]
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Eager to learn

Colombia-based Drypers Andina is a young company that’s eager to learn, and working with SKF helps it to do just that. he city of Cali in Colombia, [...]
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High speed in railways

Speed has been the essence of railways since the first steam locomotive made its appearance in 1804. SKF remains at the forefront of high-speed train [...]
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