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The SKF formula for rolling bearing life

The demands for safe design and lighter, competitively priced products have put a new emphasis on predictability of rolling bearing performance. This [...]
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A mine with a mission

When Asarco Inc. mines copper ore at its Mission Complex in the midst of the southwest US desert, it’s a battle against both temperature and costs.In [...]
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Compromise-free self-aligning bearing system

A novel combination of two bearing types offers equipment designers increased reliability and performance.
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Explorer – a new generation of spherical roller bearings

Explorer is a new performance class for standard spherical roller bearings that makes it possible to raise power density significantly. It also opens [...]
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Trouble-Free in Scandinavia

TFO means Trouble-Free Operation. But to make it more than just another technical abbreviation, it takes know-how. SKF Scandinavia is focusing on [...]
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Bearings for vibrating machinery

Vibrating machines represent some of the most challenging applications for bearings. Spherical roller bearings for vibrating applications offer [...]
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Bearings that heal themselves

The VU091 bearing is a new SKF-patented bearing design that has a built-in capability to reduce wear and fatigue-promoting stress concentrations on [...]
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