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Monitoring at sea

  Greek shipping company Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement S.A.  (TCM) is equipping its entire fleet with SKF Marine Condition [...]
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Power from the biomasses

Strict EU renewable energy policies kick-started a change of mindset at a biomass power plant in Poland.
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Strategic agreements with ReGen Powertech…

A strategic agreement has been signed by SKF and ReGen Powertech, a leading Indian wind turbine manufacturer. Under the agreement, SKF will supply [...]
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Virtual solutions

A solution that is both hardware and software enables test engineers at Scuderia Ferrari in Italy to wirelessly see what’s happening in every power [...]
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Investing for the future

The 87-year-old Munksund paper mill in northern Sweden is kept up to date to meet the demands of today’s customers. One of the latest improvements [...]
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Smartifying the industry

SKF is continuing its investments to smartify its maintenance service offering, production and sales processes. Field maintenance engineers, [...]
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The SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx

SKF has developed a stand-alone data logger system and crash detection system, SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx, especially for surveillance of machine [...]
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