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New methods to predict dimensional stability

The effects of heat treatment on a bearing can now be predicted accurately for years to come, thanks to a technique that takes a new look at the use [...]
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Simple shaft alignment

SKF has launched a new shaft alignment tool, TMEA 1, for alignment of rotating machinery. It enables the alignment of two horizontal shafts with high [...]
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Bearing the biggest bascule

The south bank of the River Maas, in the heart of the Dutch city of Rotterdam, is the site of an ambitious urban regeneration scheme known as Kop van [...]
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Centerless grinding of cam and crankshafts

The automotive industry benefits from new grinding technology.Traditionally, bearing journals (and diameters concentric to them) of cam and [...]
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Industrial gearbox design has come a long way

Gearbox design often involves conflicting requirements from the main components – housing, shafts, gears and bearings – and all influences on these [...]
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Integrated sensor ball bearings

Integrating sensors into bearings reduces the overall number of parts. This, in turn, simplifies assembly and hence reduces weight, space [...]
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