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Clearing the air

Each year charcoal fires, and the toxic smoke they generate, cause the deaths of millions of people worldwide and have a disastrous impact on the [...]
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Innovative drum support unit for washing machines

SKF Drum Support Unit is a new polymer unit for washing machines that assists in optimizing washing machine design, assembly and performance. This [...]
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Household goods on the march

From its stronghold in Turkey, white goods manufacturer Arçelik is aiming for new markets in China and the United States, using innovation and [...]
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A clean start

With 100 years of combined experience in product design and manufacturing for the commercial laundry industry, BMC Technologies Inc offers a line of [...]
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Eastern venture

Shanghai Bearing (Group) Co Ltd (SBC), a division of Shanghai Electrical Group Corp, has signed a joint venture contract with SKF to establish a [...]
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A clean-cut household icon

Kobold vacuum cleaners are sold exclusively door-to-door. That’s one reason why manufacturer Vorwerk strives to combine high power and low weight.The [...]
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Flexible furniture help for handicapped

When you’re dependent on a wheelchair, kitchen work can be difficult to do. Norwegian Fleksibo offers a solution to that problem.Preparing food in a [...]
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