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Enhanced safety and reliability

A range of food-grade lubricants that aim to increase the reliability and safety of applications in the food and beverage industry has been launched [...]
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Cream of the crop

Argentina is rightly celebrated for its beef, but the country also has a highly developed dairy industry. Its biggest dairy processes some 4.5 [...]
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Purple harvest

Saffron growers in northern Greece are investigating new uses and new markets for an ancient spice.
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Food and beverage capability catalogue

SKF has launched an industry capability catalogue that brings together its wide experience within the food and beverage industry. The catalogue [...]
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Kitchen footwork

Only in Christoph Thetard’s compact, ultramodern kitchen is this a logical question. Thetard has developed a totally electricity-free, mechanical [...]
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Slick research

At Imperial College London, Professor Hugh Spikes studies the effects of friction.
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Turning the tide in Tigray

Sue Edwards’ Tigray Project is empowering smallholder farmers, mostly women, in Ethiopia to develop sustainable agriculture built on local resources.
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