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Let there be light

Imagine living in shadows for six months of the year. This was the harsh reality for the inhabitants of the Norwegian village of Rjukan, located some [...]
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Magnetic bearings boost turboexpander performance

SKF has signed a major contract to supply SKF S2M Ae magnetic bearings to Ukrainian turboexpander manufacturer Turbogaz. Nine sets, incorporating a [...]
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Cooperation to develop future automotive energy-efficient solutions

  SKF and Ricardo have signed an agreement to develop energy-efficient solutions to better meet the increasing customer demands from the automotive [...]
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SKF hybrid bearings in tough applications

Hübner-Berlin GmbH, a leading manufacturer of encoders in motor and generator applications, has extended its market position by using hybrid bearings [...]
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The power of speed

From its start in academia, Turbo Genset has become a main player in the fast-growing market for high-speed turbo generators. Justin Hall was a third [...]
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An open and shut case

An innovative new design concept, developed by Texas-based FMC Energy Systems, makes manual gate valves safer and easier to work with.
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Wind in the sales

A new generation of wind generators, called Windformer and developed by ABB, has in a pilot project carried out in Västerås, Sweden, been shown to [...]
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