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Easy riders

Yee Sport Reboring Co., a busy motorcycle repair shop on a quiet back street of Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, also runs its very own motorcycle [...]
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New seals agreement with ZF Sachs Italy

SKF has been awarded an agreement with ZF Sachs Italy to supply 140,000 oil seals and wiper seals for motorcycle forks. With this agreement, SKF is [...]
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A hub of energy in Slovenia

Two amateur Slovenian cyclists have become professional entrepreneurs, marketing a unique driving wheel hub to cycling enthusiasts around the world.
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If Arno Scheepens had his way, his master’s project at the University of Delft would be the next wooden shoe of Holland. Student and part-time [...]
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High speeds on wheels

  For the past 10 years, Switzerland’s Indi-Jürg Schläfli has practised the extreme sport of high-speed inline skating. Schläfli travels around the [...]
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Successful year for Ducati

2007 was a year full of successes for Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. For Australian World Champion Casey Stoner it was a remarkable season [...]
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Young racing star

  Hanna Amend, 17 years old, is the fastest female racing bicyc-list in Germany in her age group. She can count more than 100 victories in the seven [...]