Machine tool manufacturer sold

SKF has sold its Swedish machine-tool manufacturer LMT, Lidköping Machine Tools AB, to KMT, Karolin Machine Tool AB. The sale is part of SKF’s [...]
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Environmental quiz on the Web

How many questions on the environment can you answer in 90 seconds? To find out, surf to the SKF Group homepage. There you can do an online [...]

The journey of a suitcase

Baggage handling has become so streamlined that a piece of luggage can travel around the world and hardly be touched by human hands.Your suitcase has [...]
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New spindles

Russell T. Gilman Inc., an SKF company and manufacturer of precision machine tool components, has introduced a new harmonics and chatter control [...]
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Sun-powered traction

Why use fossil fuels to power a tractor when another source of energy – sunlight – is available and is non-polluting, free and virtually [...]
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Stronger position in linear motion

SKF has established a partnership with Italian company Gamfior in the area of ground ball screws. With this partnership, Transrol – the SKF unit [...]
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Correct cut with CARB®

Using its toroidal roller bearing CARB, SKF has redesigned the spindles of a type of high–precision wire saw machine. These machines are used to cut [...]
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