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Working at high speed

Grinding, milling and drilling are examples of operations where applications require simultaneous rotational and axial movement. For these [...]
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Creating the right environment for compressor bearings

The refrigeration compressor industry is in a state of change. The thrust of this change is to develop more environmentally friendly, cost-effective [...]
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Flexible solutions with angular contact ball bearings

The automotive industry is a major bearing user, a fact that is reflected in the extensive range of special bearings that have been designed to meet [...]
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Yarn spinning innovation

The desire to give textile companies better production control, greater manufacturing flexibility and improved overall product quality has led to the [...]
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Damping in a rolling bearing arrangement

The operation of a rotating machine at critical speeds frequently causes a high level of mechanical vibration, noise and excessive wear. An important [...]
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CARB – three bearings in one

Customer demands for a space saving and robust bearing with low friction, resulted in CARBTM, a new type of bearing, which permits both large axial [...]
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Industrial gearbox design has come a long way

Gearbox design often involves conflicting requirements from the main components – housing, shafts, gears and bearings – and all influences on these [...]
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