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Steering new course with sensors

Material flow within plants continues to be an important area for company rationalization. The euphoria over automation has given way to the [...]
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Electrically-insulated bearings

Reliability is an essential requirement for modern bearings with longer intervals between maintenance. For example, they must be robust enough to [...]
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Bearing the biggest bascule

The south bank of the River Maas, in the heart of the Dutch city of Rotterdam, is the site of an ambitious urban regeneration scheme known as Kop van [...]
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Evaluating hybrid bearings for general applications

Opportunities are now opening up for hybrid bearings – incorporating silicon nitride balls rather than steel ones – in general purpose machine [...]
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Less oil gives more heat

A new labyrinth seal for standard bearing housings minimises the risk of oil leakage. This is welcomed by many users who have previously experienced [...]
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Development of traction motor bearings

New generations of traction motor bearing units have evolved to meet more exacting customer requirements.Cylindrical roller bearings remain at the [...]
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Labyrinth seal for Pop Release

The new SKF Pop Release bearing unit has a reinforced labyrinth seal designed to give high performance while operating in heavily contaminated [...]