SKF renews contract with Ferrari


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SKF has renewed its contract with the Ferrari Formula One team. With the new three-year contract the two companies continue a strong and long-lasting relationship.

SKF supplies some 150 components for each Ferrari Formula One car, and over the years its deep technical knowledge and experience has been used to support the development of a number of Ferrari’s innovative systems. One of this year’s special developments is Ferrari’s new energy-efficient KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which recovers dissipated braking energy, stores it in a battery and releases it when necessary to boost engine power to accelerate or overtake. The KERS uses specially developed SKF bearings that are exposed to extremely high accelerations and heavy loads. In tests, they have experienced peak temperatures of more than 200°C.The development of the KERS unit will most likely mean new opportunities that can be transferred from Formula One racing to the standard auto industry.


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