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The attraction of magnetic bearings

Active magnetic bearings mark a new era in combining electrical and mechanical systems. They offer considerable benefits in extreme high-speed [...]
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Hard coating for heavy bearing duty

Diamond-like carbon coatings combine hardness with low friction, thus helping to eliminate wear and increase bearing service life.Hardness combined [...]
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SKF gets Ukraine bearing plant

SKF has acquired a majority holding in Lutsk Bearing Plant, one of the largest bearing manufacturing companies in Ukraine.       “Central and eastern [...]
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Hard life for shopping trolleys

A Canadian manufacturer aims to improve the durability of the prosaic buggy, and at the same time provide customers with a quiet trip through the [...]
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Magnetic partners

SKF and Calgary-based Revolve Technologies Inc. in Canada have established a new company, Revolve Magnetic Bearings Inc. “With this alliance, we have [...]
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The maintenance-free universal joint

The universal joint for commercial vehicle propeller shafts is essentially a specially-designed grease-lubricated needle roller bearing. This new [...]
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