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From the racetrack to the streets

While motorsport has long influenced road vehicle design in both aesthetics and performance, the extreme test environment of Formula 1 now plays a [...]
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Flying without wings

The burgeoning market for advanced flight simulators is enabling a Swiss manufacturer to take off.
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Roller bearings for the High Roller

The American Bridge Company has contracted SKF to supply technological solutions for the Las Vegas High Roller, soon to be the world’s tallest Ferris [...]
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Autos go automatic

Computer-assisted driving is about to transform the way we think about road traffic.
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Hot applications run longer with graphite

Please note – the SKF product mentioned in this article is no longer available. Many bearings operate in very high temperature environments – but few [...]
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On the plus side

The SKF BeyondZero portfolio is SKF’s answer to the challenges of the future.
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Homeward bound

Re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere is a dangerous phase of space flight. The European Space Agency’s IXV project is testing a new technological [...]
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