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Engineering Competence

Tracking a star to power a planet

The global solar energy market’s unprecedented growth has resulted in the twin challenges of delivering ever-higher performance and at the same time [...]
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Maximum velocity

Dallara Automobili has been described as “the most successful racing car builder of modern time.” What’s its secret?
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A dark mission

In the southernmost reach of earth, a telescope is helping scientists solve a great mystery of the cosmos.
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Engineering Competence

Fighting the fakes

SKF is putting a lot of effort into fighting the worldwide problem of counterfeit bearings. The main goals are to protect public safety and to [...]
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Open to the elements

Using a novel roof design, British greenhouse manufacturer Naturelight is able to create the optimal growing and outdoor retail shop for [...]
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Engineering Competence

How a new drum support unit saves energy

Saving energy and reducing ­manufacturing costs are the goals of the SKF Drum Support Unit for front loading washing machines.
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Auto diagnostics

Together with Infocar, a development company in Stockholm, SKF is developing software that will support repair garages with fault-finding and [...]
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