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Engineering Competence
Material imperfections

A better understanding of material imperfections

In SKF, research has continuously been carried out to better understand the effects of microstructure and pre-existing material imperfections on [...]
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Engineering Competence
SKF Black Design and SKF bearing integration

SKF Black Design

Saving weight is currently a huge challenge for the aerospace industry. Enhancing performance or achieving lower emissions can offer manufacturers [...]
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Digital Technology
SKF Innovation Challenge

Shock of the new

With the business world rapidly evolving, accelerator and incubator schemes promise large corporations a way to keep pace with innovation while [...]
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Beehives situated at SKF’s company retreat, Slottsviken.

Bee good

Despite their propensity to sting if bothered, bees are one of mankind’s best friends in the natural world. They contribute greatly to the [...]
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Sherry Lassiter, Fab Foundation

The FABulous Sherry Lassiter

Sherry Lassiter dreams of a world in which almost anyone anywhere can make almost anything. Through the FAB Lab network – 1,200 labs in 100 countries [...]
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Digital Technology
The fourth industrial revolution

Industry’s fourth big wave

The fourth Industrial Revolution, the Industrial Internet of Things, is now sweeping the planet. In part, it promises to boost industrial efficiency [...]
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Danica Kragic talks about ethical robots

Danica Kragic is on a mission to create ethical robots

Professor Danica Kragic is on a mission to create ethical robots that do the things we don’t want to do, can’t do or shouldn’t do. At the same time, [...]
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