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Engineering Competence

Reliability cast in steel

SKF ConRo relubrication-free roll units improve reliability and environmental impact in continuous casting lines. Maintenance professionalscharged [...]
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Engineering Competence

Turbocharging – more power to your engine

Drive systems are in focus when the automotive industry supports the need to improve diesel engine performance to meet ever-stringent legislation in [...]
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Engineering Competence

Linking power transmission products to the supply chain

Engineers are always looking for bearings and power transmission products that are mutually compatible and can meet expectations. To that end, SKF [...]
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Securing green wind energy production through centralized lubrication

Wind power with its green credentials is an ever-increasing part of the electricity generation mix. Automatic relubrication is an important element [...]
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Monitoring the winds of change

Unpredictable loads and speeds are some of the challenges in the geographically scattered wind power industry. Applying condition monitoring to wind [...]
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Noise and vibration measurement for aerospace maintenance services

The aerospace industry has extremely stringent requirements relating to maintenance. Increased vibration can often indicate a potential problem in [...]
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Engineering Competence

Using a friction model as an engineering tool

Understanding friction in rolling bearings helps save energy and optimize bearing performance. To that end, SKF has released a more advanced friction [...]
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