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The force of Magnus

The force of Magnus

There are only a handful of paths to making the world’s shipping industry greener and at the same time profitable. One route involves hull and engine [...]
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Eight-tonne bearing

Eight-tonne bearing for mining applications

SKF has manufactured and supplied its largest-ever spherical roller bearing based on ISO standard to be used within the mining industry. The bearing, [...]
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Rotor bearings in the 8-MW offshore category

New challenges for rotor bearings in the 8-MW offshore category

With the “Round 3”, a 33-gigawatt offshore project in the UK, a new generation of offshore turbines has now been introduced.
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Digging deep

When it comes to moving ore up and men and material up and down a mineshaft, three factors are crucial: reliability, safety and speed. At Czech [...]
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Down-to-earth wind power

The growing popularity of wind power to produce electricity with a low carbon footprint has led to the installation of wind turbines that are bigger [...]
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The spirit of competition

An Italian company that started out as a Ferrari dealer now cooperates with the luxury sports car maker to win big on the world’s racing circuits.
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Premature bearing failures in wind gearboxes and white etching cracks (WEC)

Wind turbine gearboxes are subjected to a wide variety of operating conditions, some of which may push the bearings beyond their limits. Damage may [...]
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