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Digital Technology
Per Delsing Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden

A particular place to go

Per Delsing has been fascinated by the smallest components of the universe ever since he was a child. Now he is heading a project to develop an [...]
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Tapered roller bearing load ratings versus performance

Tapered roller bearing load ratings versus performance

Values of dynamic load ratings for tapered roller bearings listed in catalogues might be confusing and not comparable because manufacturers calculate [...]
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SKF Black Design and SKF bearing integration

SKF Black Design

Saving weight is currently a huge challenge for the aerospace industry. Enhancing performance or achieving lower emissions can offer manufacturers [...]
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The LEAP engine represents a major technological step forward.

A giant LEAP forward

Never before has an aircraft engine sparked such enthusiasm as LEAP. This new-generation engine, developed by Safran and GE Aviation through CFM [...]
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Enviro500 bus from Alexander Dennis Limited

A comfortable ride

Engineering expertise from SKF is helping the UK’s largest bus and coach manufacturer build vehicles for challenging operating environments around [...]
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Motorbike with GEM in-wheel electric motor

GEM in-wheel electric motors on the rise

In-wheel electric motors have been around since the late 1800s, but they have come into their own recently with advancements in electric motor [...]
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A friction fighter with a dream

A friction fighter with a dream

Growing up with two volcanologist parents on the seismically active eastern edge of Siberia, Sergei Glavatskih seemed destined to be a scientist too. [...]
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