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The sweet taste of success

After a devastating financial blow in the 1990s, ­Philippine sugar producer Victorias Milling ­Company is back on top and looking for ways to boost [...]
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Kitchen footwork

“Honey, could you pedal up some whipped cream, and I’ll stomp out some ground coffee?”
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Slick research

At Imperial College London, Professor Hugh Spikes studies the effects of friction.
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Turning the tide in Tigray

Sue Edwards’ Tigray Project is empowering smallholder farmers, mostly women, in Ethiopia to develop sustainable ­agriculture built on local resources.
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Open to the ­elements

Using a novel roof design, British greenhouse manufacturer Naturelight is able to create the optimal growing and outdoor retail shop for [...]
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Flour power

Allied Mills grinds huge volumes of wheat into flour 24/7, 365 days a year, providing bakeries, primarily in the U.K., with a consistent, [...]
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Food for thought

Food and beverage producers must take an uncompromizing approach to hygiene, health and safety. They need machine solutions that can match these [...]
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