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Wind powering the U.S.

For more than 150 years, the United States has been drawing the bulk of its energy from below ground. But the country is increasingly looking for [...]
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Applied condition monitoring in railways

For railway operators, increased reliability and safety are ­constant concerns alongside the desire to reduce maintenance costs. ­Condition [...]
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The power of knowledge

“Knowledge is power” has probably never been more pertinent than in today’s global, competitive and sophisticated business environment. No wonder [...]
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Decision-support system for bearing failure mode analysis

Gaining insight and information from rolling bearing damage and failures is of strategic importance for SKF and its customers. The knowledge [...]
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The direct approach

For such companies as Bearing Belt Chain in Nevada, immediate service is the key to keeping customers. Now, since the company began working with [...]
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Mounting instructions online

SKF is launching a new Web-based service with mounting and dismounting instructions in eight languages for its main range of bearings.    At the site [...]
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Decision-support system for selecting bearing lubricants

LubeSelect is a system that will allow SKF to further improve its support to customers when selecting appropriate bearing lubricants.
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